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Last Updated: 21st March 2019

server - vsftpd: 530 Login incorrect - Ask Ubuntu


Jan 31, 2014 - Command: PASS **** Response: 530 Login incorrect. ... Save your change and restart the ftp server (if you use nano hit CTRL + O & enter to ...


2 reasons why you get "530 Login authentication failed" in your ...


Feb 20, 2017 - Pure-ftpd is a simple FTP server that runs in cPanel servers. “530 Login authentication failed” is a common error in cPanel Pure-ftpd servers.


Error 530: Login Incorrect - FileZilla Forums


If you get an error 530: That's a server problem and has nothing to .... ->You cannot connect to ANY ftp server via filezilla or any other program


FTP login failed - 530 login incorrect – Help Center


Nov 16, 2016 - Symptoms. FTP authentication is failing. The following error is displayed: 530 Login incorrect. The issue persists after changing the password.

FTP - 530 Login Incorrect - even with right password - PowWeb ...


However, every time I try to FTP log on, I get the 530 login incorrect. I try via ws-FTP program, FileZilla, Internet explorer via ftp address - I ...

linux - Unable to connect FTP: 530 Login incorrect - Unix & Linux ...


Apr 11, 2014 - Having a user inside a *NIX operating system does not mean that you will have ftp access. Does this system have a ftp server running(probably yes, ...

centos - VSFTPD 530 Login incorrect - Server Fault


Sep 14, 2010 - I'm not able to get any local user login's to work. ... 23:34:45 2010 [pid 19243] [dwelch] FTP response: Client "", "530 Login incorrect.

vsftpd login incorrect | DigitalOcean


Jul 6, 2013 - But whenever I connect I get login password incorrect. I changed the ... Make the following change : pam_service_name=ftp. Reply. Preview.

[SOLVED] I give up with vsftpd - CentOS


Connected to ( 220 FTP local. Name ( tati 331 Please specify the password. Password: 530 Login incorrect.

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