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Last Updated: 27th March 2019

How to Use Solaris command - logins - unixadminschool.com


Solaris command : logins. logins- list user and system login information. Usage : /usr/bin/logins [-admopstux] [-g group…] [-l login_name…] Description.


Securing Logins and Passwords (Tasks) - Oracle Solaris 11.1 ...


Explains how to administer security features on one or more Oracle Solaris systems. ... How to Monitor Who Is Using the su Command · How to Restrict and ...


Chapter 2 Logging In and Using Basic SunOS Commands (Solaris ...


If your login shell is not the SunOS default (the Bourne shell), it is because a different ... Most commands in the Solaris operating environment are lowercase.


solaris - logins (1) - ODS


DESCRIPTION This command displays information on user and system logins known to the system. Contents of the output is controlled by the command options ...

logins Command - IBM


Logins command displays system login information details only for the local users or groups which are defined in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files.

User Account Commands | Solaris 8 User Administration Tools | InformIT


May 1, 2002 - ... Admintool and shell commands; user shells; and user account commands in Solaris 8. ... Show login processes waiting for someone to log in.

man page for logins (all section 1m) - Unix & Linux Commands


logins(1M) System Administration Commands logins(1M) NAME logins - list user and system login information SYNOPSIS /usr/bin/logins [-admopstux] [-g group.

last login | Unix Linux Forums | Solaris


Can I run one command that will spit out the last login for all users on a system? Or does someone have a handy dandy script. solaris 5.8.....

User, Group and Password Management on Linux and Solaris | Toki ...


Jun 12, 2014 - Commands such as /usr/bin/passwd are SUID (Set UID) root so they can ...... Solaris provides the logins command which displays a variety of ...

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